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A cutting edge publisher inventory monetisation platform from India's largest media company*
- DGM, a part of SVG Media

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About DGMatix

DGMatix - a cutting edge publisher inventory monetisation platform from India's largest
media company (after Google & Facebook) - DGM, a part of SVG Media.

DGMatix is the latest initiative from DGM and it uses multi-pronged yield maximisation approach to deliver maximum advertising revenues to partner publishers.
DGMatix does the following:



Our unique properietary same slot - convergent ad formats across video / display / programmatic / content allows bids to come-in form larger set of advertisers across multiple demand partners.


Our advanced algorithms optimize the advertising yields by maximizing bids for each of your ad-impression on a Real Time Bidding (RTB) basis.


We are happy to take exclusive mandates from publisher partners to monetize their inventory across your sites. Our team ensures best advertising practices to make sure you reach the maximum revenue potential for your inventory.


You get a dedicated account manager to help you optimize the revenues at every step.

Same Slot Convergent Ad Unit - How it Works?

DGMatix properietary technology can deliver Video, Display, Content, Programmatic, or Direct Deman ad impressions within the same slot, ensuring maximum revenues for you. DGMatix platform searches across 100's of demand partners to bring you the ad impression with highest bid for your inventory.


DGMatix searched across multiple video
demand partners to bring you high CPM
video (banner or pre-roll) for your


We can also roll out the content widgets
from the top content aggregators to
make sure you always have a fill for your


Define your minimum revenue
requirement from an impressions and get
access to 1000's of advertisers from
multiple programmatic Demand Side
Platforms, bidding for your inventory.

Direct Demand

DGMatix sales team brings you the direct
demand from top brands and agencies
maximizing your revenues.


We’d Really Love To Hear Frome You, So Why Not Drop us Email and We’ ll Get Back To You As Soon As We Can.

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